How to sign up for a Domain

Reclaim Hosting: Domain and WordPress

You are building your own website in this class to which you will publish a variety of major and minor assignments as static pages, blog posts, and audio/video files.

  • You are required to pay $12.00 for a domain name through Reclaim Hosting.
  • Reclaim Hosting hosts your domain and provides you with a variety of one-click software installations such as WordPress, MediaWiki, Drupal, etc.
  • The majority of the web authoring you are required to perform will be through
  • From the second day the class meets we will spend time developing Domains. Though the tools are an important component, the course is designed to develop writing skills.

Getting started is really, really easy:

  1. Go to Reclaim Hosting. Click on the big blue “Sign Up!” button.
  2. Enter the domain name you want in the box (i.e., janestudent) and then choose the “top-level domain” designation from the pull-down menu (you’ll probably want .net or .com). The system will check that the domain you want is available, and if it is then click on the continue button. If not, try to come up with variations of the name to find something that is available.
  3. I advise against choosing to pay more for “ID protect,” but you can if you want to. Either way, decide and click “Update cart.”
  4. Provide credit card info to purchase your domain.

You will receive a pair of confirmation emails from One is a simple invoice that shows the charge to your account. The other (which should have the subject line “New account information”) includes very important information that you need to have in order to make use of your domain. Make certain that you save that email in a place that you can get to.

It is especially important that you note the login details that are kind of hidden in the middle of that email. It should look something like this (click to embiggen):


See that box in the middle labeled important? I’ve blurred out the Username and Password on that email, but yours should include your unique information. You will need both of those pieces of information in order to access your CPanel and install WordPress (don’t worry, that’s really easy too!)

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    1. I am told tht they will be taking attendance & keeping track of such things. I might ask you at some point to write something informally reflecting on the experience.

    1. They’ll be offered frequently, so you’ll have plenty of options. As of Monday they were working on finalizing location & updating the website with schedules & so on.

      We’ll talk more about those workshops soon, probably tomorrow.

  1. Note that sometimes the second email, which includes your account information, gets caught up by Emory’s spam filters. If you don’t receive that second email, go here
    If you used your Emory email, you can get to your spam filter here and login with your net ID. Choose login to spam filtering to see a list of blocked emails. If you see the Reclaim Hosting email, then just choose to deliver it.

    1. Yes, some. I’ll distribute a few excerpts of essays over the course of the semester. And for the final projects there will be a reading assignment that’s not from these books.

    1. Yes, you can revise and resubmit projects for this class. These are multimodal projects that live on your website–you can revise them as many times as you’d like, of course. I’ll grade them once and provide feedback. Then there will be opportunities to revise and resubmit, so long as certain conditions are met but that’s something we’ll need to talk about as a group and individually as the semester progresses.

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