Updated calendar

Please note that I have updated the Calendar page.

I have indicated that class is canceled next Thursday because I will be running the Domain Incubator conference. I have reserved our regular classroom, Callaway N203, at two additional times in order to reschedule the studio time you would have had on that class that was canceled:

  • Wed, 2/12 from 10-11 am
  • Tues, 2/18 from 11:30am – 12:30pm

I will be present during those two hours. I’m not going to require you to attend either of these hours because it’s likely that for many of you, there are other classes that will conflict; however, I strongly encourage you to come to one or both of them to work on your first project. Bring your copies of Maus, your traced pages, the digital file after scanning your traced pages, and whatever writing you’ve done. I’ll expect that you spend the hour in the classroom working on your project and I’ll be available to answer questions, but also you can help each other out as you work. Hopefully by that point you have a pretty decent first draft and we can work on reshaping the text to take advantage of the hypertext medium and to deal with any issues that may arise while you work toward publishing your first project to the site.

If you can’t make it at either of those times, then perhaps we can schedule some other time to meet.

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