Comic Group Project


Nicholas Carr, “Is Google Making Us Stupid?

  • Michael
  • Adam
  • Chris
  • Eric
Kevin Drum, “America’s Real Criminal Element: Lead

  • Wyatt
  • David H.
  • Alex
  • Chuck
Malcolm Gladwell, “The 10,000 Hour Rule” [excerpt]

  • Nikki
  • Brittany
  • Josh
  • David K.
  • Vini
Hannah Rosin, “The Overprotected Kid

  • Cas
  • Elizabeth
  • Max
  • Ethan

Each group will read and think critically about the assigned essay. You will then transform the essay into a visual argument, a comic, using the methods described in Scott McCloud’s Understanding Comics and the awareness you’ve gained from analyzing the other texts we’ve read this semester.

You can use whatever tools you decide as a group would work best, so long as you can eventually turn the comics into digital files that can go up on a group website. You might think about downloading the 30-day trial of Comic Life and using that software to produce your comic.

You should present the essay’s argument in a visual manner. Feel free to take into account other people responses to the essay too as you work, though you should cite any outside sources that you incorporate into your comic. All of these essays gained a certain amount of notice in the culture at large, so there are ongoing conversations about them.

You will present your comic and discuss the process by which you created it and what you learned in the process during the final exam period for this class, which is May 1 from 3-5pm.

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