Grading Throughout the Semester

You will begin the semester at level one, with zero experience points (XP). As you complete activities over the course of the next 16 weeks, you will receive XP and work your way up the level chart:



 Letter Grade

12 1860 A
11 1800 A-
10 1740 B+
9 1660 B
8 1600 B-
7 1540 C+
6 1460 C
5 1400 C-
4 1340 D+
3 1260 D
2 1200 D-
1 0 F

Here’s how you achieve XP:

  • Blogging (up to 300 points total. Each blog post is worth up to 16 points. See Blogging Guidelines for blog post grade scale.)
  • Tracing Maus (300 points)
  • Mapping Fun Home (300 points)
  • Vietnamerica (300 points)
  • Comic Group Project (400 points)
  • Class attendance (175 points)
  • Class Participation (125 points total. At 5 points throughout the semester, I’ll award class participation points.)
  • Writing Workshops (100)

Note that I might periodically offer extra points for additional opportunities that arise over the course of the semester.

Summative Grade

(the grade you receive at the end of the semester)

Here is the Emory University Policy for semester grades.



A 4.0, A- 3.7 Extremely high quality work, effort, and performance beyond minimum requirements. Excellent attendance and substantial contributions to discussions.
B+ 3.3, B 3.0, B- 2.7 Well-written work that continues to improve. A level of effort and performance beyond minimum requirements. Good attendance and contributions to discussions.
C+ 2.3, C 2.0, C-1.7 Generally competent work and a level of effort that meets course requirements. Regular attendance and contributions to discussions.
D+ 1.3, D 1.0 Work that is uneven in quality or suggests incompetence. Irregular attendance and minimal contributions to discussions.
F 0.0 Incomplete or unacceptable work. No real effort to participate in class discussions. Four or more absences.

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