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Contact Info

Instructor: David Morgen
Office Hours: Thursdays 1:30-2:30 or by appointment
Office: Callaway N311


Course Objectives

To meet course specific needs as well as national standards for first year writing, the outcomes for this course comprehensively conform to the framework set out by the Council for Writing Program Administrators in their “Outcomes Statement for First-Year Composition.”

Course Outcomes

Rhetorical Knowledge: You will learn how audience, purpose, genre, and content shape the meaning and effectiveness of all writing.

Critical Reading, Thinking, and Writing: You will learn to use writing and reading for inquiry, learning, thinking, and communicating. You will learn how to integrate your original ideas with the ideas of others.

Writing Process Strategies: You will develop strategies for generating ideas, revising, and editing your writing through successive drafts. Those strategies will include collaborating with others, including giving and receiving feedback in peer groups.

Knowledge of Conventions: You will have extensive practice in writing and will develop knowledge of academic writing conventions, including organization, development, style, incorporation of materials from sources, grammar, formats, and documentation.

Composing in Electronic Environments: You will learn how to use electronic environments for drafting, reviewing, revising, editing, and sharing texts. You will also be able to locate, evaluate, organize, and use research material collected from electronic sources. Additionally, you will understand and exploit the differences in the rhetorical strategies and in the affordances available for both print and electronic composing processes and texts.

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